Werk-Schott Pneumática

A brand that stands out for keeping in tune with the economic reality and the technical needs of the Brazilian market. With factories located in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul state and Mirassol, state of São Paulo, Werk-Schott has employees throughout the country. A team of qualified professionals, an adequate and strong structure and responsible management make Werk-Schott a recognized credible company. They are more than 35 years believing in the Brazilian potential, supplying more and more the needs of the national industry.

Nossa Missão 


Constantly invest in technology and quality, in the permanent pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Nossa Visão 

Ser a empresa brasileira líder no mercado nacional de equipamentos pneumáticos, sendo referência na qualidade dos produtos.

Nossos Valores 

- Commitment and respect with customers and employees;
- honor our commitments with transparency;
- Meet market needs and expectations with constant innovations.

Nossa Filosofia 

Produce and market pneumatic equipment for the manufacturing industry, automation market and trade.

Política da Qualidade

Fornecer equipamentos pneumáticos, atendendo os seus requisitos, através da busca permanente da satisfação de clientes e da melhoria contínua da eficácia do Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade.

Objetivos da Qualidade 

Manter clientes satisfeitos;

Promover a melhoria de produtos;

Promover a melhoria de processo.


Novo Hamburgo - RS

Rua Alícia Muller, 259
Bairro Canudos
Novo Hamburgo/RS
CEP 93546-580​

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Mirassol - SP

Av. Eng. Newton Flávio Silva Pinto, 07-70
Bairro Sypriano José Moreira
CEP 15132-180 

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Certificação ISO 9001

With the Quality Management System implemented and certified, Werk-Schott can maintain a standard of service through continuous improvement, valuing the satisfaction of its customers. For Werk-Schott, ISO 9001 Certification represents growth and preparedness for problem or unforeseen solutions effectively, and the qualification to better hear your suggestions, criticisms or complaints.

Qualidade, Confiança e Agilidade

The Werk-Schott work philosophy always strives for a high quality standard in manufactured products, from design to assembly. Excellence in quality lies in every detail, the precision of machining, the perfect finishing of the dies and the technology employed in the injection processes. A permanent inventory of key production components ensures productivity and agility in product delivery. The result is reflected in a dynamic and competitive commercialization, able to meet the needs of various industry segments, such as metallurgical, footwear, furniture, automotive, among other sectors of industrial automation.


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